French food, anywhere, everywhere


Le Panier de Paris was born from a desire to make French cuisine affordable for everyone in Taiwan.
We believe that you don’t need to sit at a golden 5-star hotel to enjoy French gastronomy. Our desserts offer the elegance and finesse of our homeland with the delight of affordability.

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We are bringing you my mother's oldest recipes
to give you a taste of French tradition.

Pierre Guyon

Le Panier de Paris founder

Our Story

As our head chef and founder strolled through the streets of Taipei one day, he realised one thing was missing from this amazing city: a French food outlet. Whilst there was an abundance of high-class French restaurants, there was no cheap alternative to the everyday Taiwanese. Thus in order to blend in the rich food stand culture of Taipei, we decided to open the first French food stand in the city, to offer our lovely desserts at affordable prices.

Since then, Le Panier de Paris has been pioneering the French food revolution in Taiwan, opening up two other stands, with an eye on expanding even further. Through our great partners, we offer our desserts at your local coffee shop to make Le Panier de Paris everywhere, anywhere.
We also offer our catering services to bring a French touch to all your events.

We value interaction and our objective is to bridge the gap between our two cultures to introduce fusion French-Taiwanese desserts that will cement the relationship between the two countries. We are people company, filled with dynamic and energetic people, who are dying to meet you.

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